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We know how difficult it is to find tours which engage both you and your kids in a fun and interesting way. Rome 4 Kids’ tours make Rome exciting for all the family – to give everyone a break!

Rome, as with any European city, can be extremely overwhelming especially when you’re travelling with the kids! A holiday should be a holiday for all the family, not just the little ones! So, what’s the solution? Rome for Kids tours! Rome is one of the most fascinating cities in the world – so to visit Rome through the eyes of a local guide who loves and is passionate about the city is really the only way to do it! We take over… so mom and dad can simply relax, and enjoy the ride. We work hard to provide fun and interactive private family tours, hands-on cooking classes and art activities in Rome.Our ultimate aim is to instill kids of all ages with a passion for culture which will stay with them forever.
Our licensed guides are passionate about providing fun activities for the whole family. During your Rome Family Vacation, you’ll be shocked at the incredible amount that you and your kids have learnt in such a short space of time! We like to interact….not simply teach or lecture, so we try to tailor our tours to your individual needs and make your stay entertaining for kids and adults alike!In Rome you can literally feel the history – but only a local guide can make what seems to many kids like a bunch of old stones leap to life. Even Goethe had trouble! Goethe: “Tell me you stones, O speak you towering palaces! Streets say a word! Spirit of this place, are you dumb? All things are alive in your sacred walls Eternal Rome, it’s only for me all is still.” Rome 4 Kids tours will make Rome an exciting, visceral experience for everyone, especially the little ones!
€89 Family learns to cook handmade pasta during a Cooking workshop of Rome for kids


Our professional chef Maurizio is using his love and passion to cook, in order to teach to you the art of how to prepare delicious Italian dishes, with authentic Italian ingredients. Are you ready? Ou... 0 review(s)
Duration : 3 hours Start Time : Type of Tour : Cooking Workshop
€65 Kids during a Pasta Workshop of Rome for kids


Become a little Master Chef making your own fresh egg pasta. This is a hands-on pasta making class where you will learn basic dough technique, cutting pasta. Then you may choose the sauce of your choi... 0 review(s)
Duration : 1.5 + time to eat Start Time : Type of Tour : Cooking Workshop
€60 Little girls with her pizza during a cooking class in Rome.


What is Italia so very famous for? I believe we all agree if you respond PIZZA...So let's make pizza together! Your pizza chef and his staff will greet you to introduce you to the magical art of how t... 0 review(s)
Duration : 1 hour + time to eat Start Time : Type of Tour : Workshop
€65 Kids during an affresco workshop with Rome for kids


Start and end in Male! With the sailing tour Maldives Dhoni Cruise, you have a 6 day tour package taking you through Male, Maldives. Maldives Dhoni Cruise is a small group tour that includes accommoda... 0 review(s)
Duration : 2 -2½ hours Start Time : Type of Tour : Painting Workshop
€62 Mosaic workshop in Rome for kids booked with Rome for kids


Mosaic school in Rome to those who wish to learn the beautiful craft of Mosaic and create their own works of art, whether it be a small picture to a larger one! Your Mosaic art teacher will teach you ... 0 review(s)
Duration : 2 hours Start Time : Type of Tour : Workshop
€90 Girl during a Rome for kids segway tour


Perfect for teens and young adults, see Rome in a fun and eco-friendly way! See some of the most famous icons of Rome and maximize your precious time with a Segway tour!... 0 review(s)
Duration : 2.5 to 3 hours Start Time : Type of Tour : Group Segway Tour


Come and we’ll give you that chance to be a Roman glad­i­a­tor for a day! The school will show you the his­tory of the glad­i­a­tors, you will be dressed in glad­i­a­tor clothes and be giv... 0 review(s)
Duration : 2 hours Start Time : Type of Tour : FUN ACTIVITY
€57 Kids during an affresco workshop with Rome for kids


Learn from the pros about the mastery and the masters of the Renaissance! Join us in this amazing hands on workshop and learn all the secrets of the ancient art of fresco making, better known as affre... 0 review(s)
Duration : 2/2.5 hours Start Time : Type of Tour : Workshop
€57 Ceramic workshops for kids in Rome


If you and your kids like to get your hands dirty and create something special, this is the perfect workshop for you! You will create something original, made with your own hands, while having fun. Th... 0 review(s)
Duration : 2 hours Start Time : Type of Tour : Workshop